CSE OneStep BYOD simplifies the preparation and implementation of BYOD in your school. The innovative approach is tailored for your school’s requirements and uses cutting-edge technologies that are unique to CSE.


For Senior Leadership

  • Give teachers the technology to support creative, flexible, and engaging learning.
  • Have confidence in data security and online safety.
  • Securely prepare for and manage the transition to BYOD.

For IT Professionals

  • Ensure your wireless network is ready for an increase in usage.
  • Guarantee sufficient secure data storage.
  • Easy set-up and management of users.

For Teachers

  • Total freedom to use new and existing apps or resources whether local or cloud based.
  • Get lessons started quickly and easily with single click access to apps and data.

For Students

  • Use your own familiar device to access school applications from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Save and open work stored on school servers, in school, at home or out and about.
  • Simple access for parents.

“I was nervous about today: we went live with BYOD! There’s been a trickle of support calls, but all minor issues (mostly down to operator error); it’s really gone incredibly smoothly. Hundreds of new devices hit our network placing a massive additional load on it. Even in historically unreliable wireless ‘dead-spots’ we’ve had no problems. The really satisfying thing is that students and teachers are really making the most of it already – that’s mainly down to how easy it is to access everything, no matter what device they have in their hands.”

Sally’s story demonstrates how CSE can make technology work – what could we do for your school?

CSE OneStep BYOD uses cutting-edge technologies including Magellan and Trinidad.



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