CSE OneStep Support Services simplifies and strengthens your school’s IT provision and support. From a permanent on-site presence to a regular schedule of visits from a dedicated engineer, the service is tailored for your school’s requirements.

For Senior Leadership

  • Choose a level of support appropriate for your school.
  • Fully outsourced options take complete control of all IT concerns, including staff recruitment and management.
  • Cost-effective, vendor-neutral procurement services.
  • Expert advice for strategic planning.
  • Peace of mind.

For IT Professionals

  • Unlimited technical support backup.
  • Benefit from specialist expertise and training.
  • Free-up time for core activities.
  • Up-to-date advice on the latest technology.

For Teachers

  • Reliable networks with reduced downtime.
  • Timely fixes to classroom issues.
  • Confidence to plan lessons based on ICT availability.
  • Friendly advice at an appropriate level.

“An obscure software error sent our server into meltdown during GCSE week – our biggest nightmare. We only have a two-person IT team, so we can’t be specialists in everything. We got straight on the phone to our CSE support team who dialled in remotely. They’d seen this issue before and were able to get us back up and running in minutes. The following week an Engineer came in to school to install some updates to prevent a reoccurrence. That peace of mind is priceless.”

Graham’s story demonstrates how CSE can make technology work – what could we do for your school?


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