Application Manager

One challenge facing many ICT support staff is finding a simple and reliable method to install new software packages, potentially on hundreds of workstations, without having to visit each one.


Easy application management.

Even when using an ‘over the network’ installation procedure, there is still the risk of significant impact on the performance of the network and disruption to users.
CSE Application Manager, a Network Toolkit snap-in module, provides the answer.

Powerful tools.

Application Manager is the most comprehensive application deployment system available for education networks. It can be installed on a single workstation, then deployed automatically to other workstations on the network.


Key features

  • Managed centrally.
  • Task schedules.
  • Bandwidth throttle management.
  • Unattended and silent installations.

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  • Logged in or not logged in.
  • Station/station group targeting.
  • Application specific targeting.

  • Multi-level installation rules.
  • Prism™ and MSI package support.
  • Installation reports.


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