Presentation Manager

Presentation Manager is the complete digital signage management system for schools.


One-stop solution.

As well as displays in reception and public areas, schools and colleges increasingly need signage that fulfils needs at different times and places, from corridors to dining halls, staff rooms to workstations.

The latest version of Presentation Manager is a simple, one-stop solution designed specifically to help you get the very best from signage throughout your establishment.

What makes Presentation Manager different?

  • Unlike many other signage managers, Presentation Manager allows you to delegate responsibility for signs and locations to the most appropriate people, whether receptionists, canteen staff, or even trusted students.
  • Every display’s content can be scheduled throughout the day, with a priority override for important messages. You can shut displays down automatically and restart them on a schedule, with automatic login and presentation load.

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  • The easy-to-use WYSIWG presentation editor employs applications and interfaces that your users will be familiar with, making signage creation quick and easy.
  • Finally, and uniquely, Presentation Manager allows your displays to be interactive via touch screens, allowing viewers to navigate through elements embedded in your signage.

More about Presentation Manager.

Pres_Man_ToolsPresentation Manager allows you to use familiar applications and resources to create displays with a professional appearance, including streamed  video content. As you’d expect you’ll need some of these applications to be installed on editor and client terminals for to work, but beyond that, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Time and date, including an analogue clock
  • Text and ticker tape
  • Images and video
  • RSS feeds
  • Media, including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Web content, with full Flash, Silverlight and HTML5 compatibility.


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