User Manager

User Manager is the most advanced and comprehensive Active Directory management system available.


Easy AD management.

User Manager makes management of AD objects faster, more efficient, and less error prone, automating many day-to-day tasks, making complex tasks simple, and allowing you to extend control into new areas.

Complete control.

User Manager will transform management of your Active Directory objects, allowing lower-skilled technicians to be entrusted with complex tasks in complete safety, and allowing higher-skilled technicians to accomplish tasks which have been impossible until now.


Key features

  • Save time creating, editing, and deleting multiple user accounts simultaneously.
  • Automatically create/delete MS Exchange mailboxes as you create/delete users.
  • Manage disk quotas simply and accurately.
  • Delegate routine management tasks to others, including increasing disk quota spacerlimits and changing passwords.
  • Notification when specific users log on or log off.

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  • Prevent concurrent log in of users.
  • Identify and correct inconsistencies and errors in user accounts.
  • Inspect and manage user home directories.
  • Easily move whole groups of user data from one location to another with security spacerand permissions.
  • Include photo identities in user accounts.

  • Generate random passwords and delegate password management.
  • Display valuable on-screen information such as disk quota usage to users.
  • Report on all aspects of the Active Directory.
  • Force domain controller replication.
  • Search the Active Directory by any parameter.
  • Display lists of deleted AD objects.

Free trial

You can now get your hands on a copy of User Manager for a free 30-day trial.


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