5 Steps to BYOD Success

5 steps to BYOD success

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Like many schools and colleges, BYOD is probably on your to-do list. So as the Easter ‘holidays’ start, now is the perfect time to stop talking and start making it happen.

Our five point plan is based on implementing BYOD with Magellan – our universal education portal – which has been designed as a single solution to overcome the many barriers faced by education establishments.


1. Infrastructure/Wireless audit
Firstly you need to ensure your infrastructure can provide users with consistent, reliable access. Will your switches cope with the extra traffic? Does your wireless network cover every corner of the school and can it cope with the bandwidth and strain that BYOD will put on it? How are you going to handle security and make sure your internal systems are secure? Do you have a web filter that can service BYOD devices? CSE can provide a professional audit of your wired and wireless infrastructure and help you implement any required changes.

2. BYOD policy
The school’s acceptable use policy will need updating to ensure that it comprehensively caters for BYOD. For example; when and how many personal devices are used? You also need to consider equality for students who don’t have access to a device. A CSE consultant will help and provide you with some example policies to tailor and adapt.

3. Implement Magellan
You’re now ready to get Magellan set-up in your school. This is easier than ever with Magellan in the cloud, but you may decide that installing on your own server is better for you. Once set up, a CSE consultant will help you configure and set up tiles and advise on adding any additional resources that may be of benefit for your school.

4. Train staff
Magellan makes staff training a breeze. One simple and intuitive portal, offering an optimised and consistent experience whatever the screen size or device platform. A short training session to show staff the basics is usually sufficient, then leave them to explore the possibilities! Online training videos and simple cheat sheets are available for them to take away.

5. Launch and monitor
You are now ready to launch Magellan and BYOD to your school. The beauty of Magellan is how easily it adapts and evolves to your changing requirements. Need to give access to a new application? Add a directory? A new cloud resource? Simply configure a new tile and you’re away. Ensuring your BYOD solution stays current and continues to engage your users, meeting your goals and objectives.

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