Effortlessly manage your school’s assets

The CSE Asset Management Service gets your assets under control and keeps them that way, effortlessly. You get the numerous benefits that come from proper control of your school’s assets – from computers to furniture and HVAC equipment – without the time, effort and resources normally required.

We will manage and update your asset register so you don’t have to.

Get the reassurance that comes from knowing you will be fully compliant with inspectors’ and auditors’ requirements, and having the confidence that the information you supply to your insurers is accurate should the worst happen.

Control and cost saving
Know exactly what assets you have, where they are, how they’re being used, when warranties expire and more. Plan effectively with regular and ad-hoc reports, plus direct access to your register any time. Potentially reduce insurance premiums with accurate asset valuations.

Remove the burden
Create, maintain, update and audit your comprehensive asset register with no need to allocate any extra workload to staff or take on additional resources. Our experienced team will help you design the database and remove the burden.


Create – Design and create your asset registry, collecting and tagging all of your assets

Maintain – Securely host and maintain your register, updating it thoughout the year with additions and deletions

Audit – Carry out an annual on-site audit

Report – Deliver the scheduled and ad-hoc reports you need


  • Compliance with auditory and regulatory requirements
  • Help informing budget and asset replacement strategies
  • Mitigate unexpected demands for emergency service or replacement
  • Accurate information for insurance policies
  • Advance warning of warranty and license expiries
  • Advance warning of routine maintenance requirements
  • Reassurance of software license compliance
  • Repository for asset identification data and related documents
  • Asset booking and loan systems
  • Reduced cost through better management and control of assets


Many schools do not maintain a comprehensive, accurate asset registry because it is such a huge undertaking. From designing and creating the initial register, to maintaining, auditing and generating meaningful reports, schools simply do not have the resource to do it properly.

CSE’s Asset Management Service is unique in recognising and solving this issue for schools. We take control and responsibility of the entire process, not just creating the initial database, but diligently managing it on an ongoing basis for an affordable annual fee. We deliver detailed, usable reports to your inbox, both scheduled and ad-hoc, plus a user-friendly database that you can interrogate as required.

Need to get your assets under control?

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CSE Asset Management solutions for Schools

CSE are a leading provider of asset management solutions to schools in the UK. Whether you’re looking for asset management software, help creating your register, or a fully managed service, we have a solution to help any school. Get in touch to discuss your school’s asset managment requirements.