Auto-provisioning: save hours with automated user accounts

Auto-provisioning: save hours with automated user accounts

Creating and managing user accounts is a resource-sapping administrative burden for schools. But “it’s nothing new” you may say. That’s true, but it is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly formidable task with the explosion of online resources, requiring a user account creating for each and every pupil.

For each new online app or resource that needs to be deployed to users comes an administrative burden for some (unlucky) person. There is not only the account set-up to consider, but the ongoing maintenance such as dealing with leavers or changes of details.

This means that whilst auto provisioning was a ‘nice to have’ in the days when each user only needed a single network account, the growth of online resources has led to it being essential for many schools.

Magellan from CSE provides schools with an advanced automated provisioning or mass deployment solution.

Key features of Magellan’s auto-provisioning capabilities:


It’s comprehensive

Any solution that can only handle network accounts simply won’t cut it. Magellan’s highly configurable system lets schools automatically generate user accounts for online resources. This, combined with Magellan’s single-sign-on capabilities, means that users don’t even need to know their passwords for these resources – once signed into Magellan they have one-click access to everything.


It integrates with your school’s MIS

Any repetition means inefficiency and wasted resource; this is why Magellan has been developed to sync with the schools’ MIS on a nightly basis. Magellan ‘pulls’ the data it needs directly from the MIS and, depending on the bespoke rules setup, it automatically publishes changes to Active Directory. This in turn automatically creates and updates all of the online accounts that the user requires. That’s a huge administrative burden removed and means that the school can scale-up its adoption of online resources easily, with minimal impact on the IT department.

Magellan is designed as a user-focussed portal for schools – auto-provisioning is just one of the administrative tools it can handle to help manage users. For more about the administrative and user benefits of Magellan, see here


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