St John’s School moves to the cloud

We spoke with Mark Sartorius, Assistant Housemaster and Director of E-Learning at St John’s School, Leatherhead, about their recent move to the cloud and the role Magellan from CSE played in its success. “ St John’s, Leatherhead is a leading independent school for boys and girls aged 11 to 18. Last September the school moved – all at once – … Read More

Outsource or Co-source: what’s right for your school?

The new CSE managed service offering is available in two forms: Intelligent Outsource and Intelligent Co-source. In this blog post we discuss their differences, and offer advice on which might be most suitable for your school. You will no doubt be familiar with the concept of outsourcing. In IT support terms this usually means handing over full responsibility to a third-party provider. … Read More

Case study – North Shore Academy

John Jameson, North Shore Academy From the start it was for the school children. It takes time and they forget where they need to look or can’t remember websites in order to login. Magellan removes that need to remember the sites and multiple logins, it makes it so much easier without any of those steps. “ Magellan removes that need … Read More

Time to put users at the heart of your IT system?

Too often technology can become a barrier to learning. There’s no doubting the good intentions of each new app or system you put in place in your school; individually they all have great merit. But when it comes to the real world – joining multiple systems and apps together and serving them up to users using different devices in different places … Read More

The IT support model of the future

The systems are inherently flexible, allowing every school a unique support solution. What are the key fundamentals that make CSE’s new approach so different? And how do they respond to the changing demands of users and the school’s complex IT systems? In this post we explore some of the key differences. The ability to build a support package to a … Read More

Auto-provisioning: save hours with automated user accounts

Creating and managing user accounts is a resource-sapping administrative burden for schools. But “it’s nothing new” you may say. That’s true, but it is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly formidable task with the explosion of online resources, requiring a user account creating for each and every pupil. For each new online app or resource that needs to be deployed to users … Read More

Cloud Managed IT delivers advanced capability without complexity

CSE have partnered with HPE to bring schools the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect EC200a Managed Hybrid Server. It provides schools with a server for the cloud era, delivering all the IT you need in one simple, unique design, with the flexibility to grow. Delivered as a managed service the solution is managed and updated via the cloud, delivering advanced capabilities … Read More

CSE launch a new approach to IT Support services at Bett 2017

Intelligent Outsource and Intelligent Co-source place smart technologies at the heart of schools’ IT support systems, enabling them to reduce costs whilst increasing system reliability. The launch of these new services marks a step change in the approach to IT support within schools, which has lagged behind advances in education technology and the needs of users. The days when schools … Read More

Network Manager’s guide to Virtual Reality for schools

Network Manager’s guide to Virtual Reality for schoolsYou may have seen the Galaxy S7 advert that’s currently airing. The one where an awkward-looking father attends a boy-band gig, standing amongst a crowd of emotional teenagers with a webcam, all so that his own daughter can virtually ‘be there’ despite being stuck at home with a cold (if you’ve not seen ... Read More

Single-sign-on benefits for schools part 3: administrators

Single-sign-on benefits for schools part 3: administrators×This is the final post in a three part series looking at the benefits of single-sign-on (SSO) for different user groups in schools and colleges. In the the first two posts we looked at SSO benefits for students and teachers. Before we explore the benefits of single-sign-on (SSO) for system administrators in schools and ... Read More