Keeping track of IT equipment

Keeping track of IT equipmentThe New York Observer reported last week that the Department of Education has lost track of 1,800 computers from just 10 city schools, according to an audit from city Comptroller Scott Stringer.  Could it happen here –  would your school be ready if the auditors called? How well do you keep track of your IT equipment? Read this interview with the ... Read More

Workload Challenge: using Magellan to save time and reduce stress

WORKLOAD CHALLENGE: USING MAGELLAN TO SAVE TIME AND REDUCE STRESSNicky Morgan, Secretary of  State for Education, invited feedback as part of the Workload Challenge. Here's what CSE had to say: Dear Nicky We’ve worked in the education sector for nearly twenty years and seen the use of technology explode since then, both the time and the cost. Technology can be a ... Read More

Why the raspberry?

Why the raspberry? A new version of the Raspberry Pi was released this week, hailed as even smaller and cheaper than its predecessor, and many schools will be looking to this to teach computing skills from Year 4 and upwards. Advice for schools considering investing is offered from CSE’s Technical Consultant Tony Saxby: “Obviously it’s a brilliant thing to get children comfortable ... Read More

Should teachers be worried about their apples?

Should teachers be worried about their apples? ‘Apple devices in China have been targeted by ‘an impressive malware attack.’ Could this affect us in the UK? Tony Saxby, Technical Consultant at CSE reassures customers. “What protects the Apple ecosystem is the control that Apple has over the applications that can be installed on their devices. Viruses and malware tend to get ... Read More

Microsoft announces free availability of Visual Studio Community.

Microsoft announces availability of Visual Studio Community.Something for budding programmers and dedicated teachers –  the Visual Studio Community.  Tony Saxby from CSE explains why is it is a great free resource for schools and students. Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This is a system that helps software developers, with a single system that allows code editing, system ... Read More

Sub £100 Windows 8 Tablets – are happening sooner than you think!

Sub £100 Windows 8 Tablets – are happening sooner than you think! Tablet computers inspire students and are accepted as providing innovative technology within the classroom and across all ages. But, and there is always a ‘but’…. ….they can represent a complete pain in terms of management inside an educational environment. Tony Saxby from CSE explains: Love it, or hate ... Read More

Windows 10 Preview from CSE

Windows 10 Preview MS 10 Preview was released on Oct 1st. We asked Tony Saxby, CSE’s Technical Consultant, for his views. I’ve downloaded Windows 10 and have it running as a VM on my PC. Behind the scenes Windows 10 is a big change although it doesn’t really snap out at you saying ‘wow this is innovative’ . Microsoft have ... Read More

Smarter phone! Teaching maths from an iPhone.

Smarter phone! Teaching maths from an iPhone “I use a small collection of apps on my iPhone to control various elements of my lessons when I’m teaching maths, always with the purpose of improving the levels of engagement of my pupils.” North Shore Academy in Stockton on Tees uses Magellan for its staff, students and partner organisations, and you can ... Read More

Are you cowed by cloud?

Are you cowed by cloud?Are you cowed by cloud computing?  Many teachers are afraid to ask that most basic question: ‘What is cloud computing in school?’ and this holds them back from understanding and using the resource properly Recent research conducted by YouGov has shown that deputies and head teachers want to know the most, because 59% of teachers and 78% ... Read More

What colour is the elephant in your classroom?

What colour is the elephant in your classroom? Magellan from CSE provides schools and pupils with simple access to local and cloud IT resources from any device through a single interface. You’ve all heard the expression “there’s an elephant in the room” – a massive problem which no-one is mentioning. Well, in schools there can be all sorts of unspoken IT ... Read More