Breaktime Buzz: Dubsmash

Breaktime Buzz: Dubsmash

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What is it?

Dubsmash is an app that allows users (known as Dubbers) to record videos of themselves lip-synching to songs or speech, such as famous movie quotes, or other sounds. These ‘video selfies’ can then be shared via social media or saved to the user’s device.

How does it work?

Dubbers find the sounds they want to video-sync to from the existing sound library in the app, or upload their own. Sound clips can be no more than ten seconds long, but many are much shorter. Clips with a common theme can be grouped together on ‘Soundboards’, for example a selection of clips of dialogue from a film, or snippets of favourite 80s songs.

Once a user has selected their sound, they record their video attempting to sync with the sound. Once recorded, captions and filters can be added before sharing or saving the video. Dubs can be shared directly from the app via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or text message. Saved Dubs can be shared to other platforms such as Instagram or Vine from the device camera roll or media library.

What do people use it for?

Many users are teens (accounts can only be set up by those aged 14 or over), creating and sharing videos with friends. Dubsmash also has a substantial celebrity following, including Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Jackman and Rihanna, who used the platform to preview a new single. The success of the app (downloaded over 75m times and number one in the app charts in 78 countries) is likely to attract brands looking to market in new and innovative ways.

What could it mean for your school or college?

There aren’t any immediately obvious applications for educational use – lip-syncing to 10 seconds of Shakespeare perhaps?

Try it for yourself

Download Dubsmash via the App Store or iOS, or Google Play for Android. Find out more on the Dubsmash website.

Some celebrity examples:

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