Innovations 2019

Edtech insights for senior leadership There is no shortage of innovation in education technology. But, with ever-shrinking budgets, the challenge for schools is simply to provide a robust IT platform that pupils and staff can rely on, at the best possible value. Any additional funds need to be invested strategically to bring the biggest gains. The innovation that will, therefore, … Read More

Prevention is better than cure: 24/7 Live Monitoring

Waiting for problems to arise and things to go wrong isn’t ‘managing’ your IT; it decreases efficiency and increases stress on teaching staff. Our Managed Services support package includes 24/7 remote monitoring that spots small issues before they become big problems. Here’s how it works: • Reduce costs • Increase system reliability • Unlimited expertise • Peace of mind

The Internet of Things for Education: A Brief Guide

The Internet of Things for Education: A Brief GuideWe’ve been reading a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) lately and although it’s a not a brand new concept, it’s destined to hit the mainstream in a big way over the next few years. Read on for our brief guide to the concept, and what it might mean for those ... Read More

Project Notes: Brooke Weston Academy Trust

Taking a closer look at some of our recent projects. School: Location: Number of schools: Brooke Weston Trust Multi-site NineMulti-site Asset Management for The Brooke Weston TrustWhen looking for a multi-site solution to manage the Trust’s assets, both at a local level for the schools’ administration team and at a trust level for overall management, The Brooke Weston Trust chose ... Read More

CSE OneStep: Simply making IT happen

CSE OneStep: Simply making IT happenBlink and you’ve missed it. That’s how it can feel sometimes when you work in IT – the pace of change in technology is unremitting, and by the time you’ve learned enough about the next big thing and decided to implement it, another one has come along. For those working in schools this problem is ... Read More

Q&A: Asset Registry

Q&A: Asset RegistryWhat, Why, When, Who and How? We answer all your questions about creating an Asset Registry. Technology is becoming more and more integral to school life, and in most cases, this means an increase in valuable assets that an institution is responsible for. Schools are employing more business management principles in order to run a tight ship and ... Read More

Got it covered? How we use wireless mapping to eliminate dead spots

Got it covered? How we use wireless mapping to eliminate dead spots.You’ve got the tablets and laptops. You’ve got staff on board. And you’ve got plenty of bandwidth to support the web traffic. But have you got a good enough wireless set up? It’s as integral a part of a good BYOD infrastructure as any of the above, so how ... Read More

12 ideas to help you get your network into shape this summer

12 ideas to help you get your network into shape this summerSummer holidays? Maybe for some, but if you’re a network manager it’s time to get to work! So how can we best utilise the longest period of downtime we get in the academic calendar? Here are some ideas for improving your network while you are student-free. 1 Update your ... Read More

The Stonehenge School saves time with Asset Manager

The Stonehenge School saves time with Asset Manager If you’re dreading the annual chore of conducting an audit of school assets, you need to read this blog post from Kurt Cooper, ICT Network Manager at The Stonehenge School, who found the way to make it easy by using Asset Manager from CSE… “Another Christmas and New Year over… and now the yearly chore ... Read More

Keeping track of IT equipment

Keeping track of IT equipmentThe New York Observer reported last week that the Department of Education has lost track of 1,800 computers from just 10 city schools, according to an audit from city Comptroller Scott Stringer.  Could it happen here –  would your school be ready if the auditors called? How well do you keep track of your IT equipment? Read this interview with the ... Read More