The Microsoft Academy

Last week CSE teamed up with Microsoft Education to host an Academy full of tips and tricks for teachers, and senior leadership staff using Microsoft programs in their schools. Schools from Sheffield, Solihull, Uxbridge, Crystal Palace, Witney and Highworth all took part in the Academy and…

Outsource or Co-source: what’s right for your school?

The new CSE managed service offering is available in two forms: Intelligent Outsource and Intelligent Co-source. In this blog post we discuss their differences, and offer advice on which might be most suitable for your school. You will no doubt be familiar with the concept of outsourcing. In IT support terms this usually means handing over full responsibility to a third-party provider. … Read More

Auto-provisioning: save hours with automated user accounts

Creating and managing user accounts is a resource-sapping administrative burden for schools. But “it’s nothing new” you may say. That’s true, but it is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly formidable task with the explosion of online resources, requiring a user account creating for each and every pupil. For each new online app or resource that needs to be deployed to users … Read More

Cloud Managed IT delivers advanced capability without complexity

CSE have partnered with HPE to bring schools the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect EC200a Managed Hybrid Server. It provides schools with a server for the cloud era, delivering all the IT you need in one simple, unique design, with the flexibility to grow. Delivered as a managed service the solution is managed and updated via the cloud, delivering advanced capabilities … Read More

Programming with Pi: Our Pick of the Projects

Programming with Pi: Our Pick of the Projects With the introduction to the market of the Raspberry Pi Zero a couple of weeks ago, computing yet again has taken a step smaller and cheaper. Since the first Pi appeared almost four years ago, people have found increasingly creative ways to flex their programming muscles. If you fancy setting your students ... Read More

Teacher’s Guide to Video and Animation Tools

Teacher's Guide to Video and Animation Tools You’re probably aware how much time your students (and perhaps colleagues!) spend captivated by online video, whether its reliving favourite adverts, learning hair and make up tips or the ubiquitous funny cats. Video is an effective and engaging way to deliver a message, but long gone are the days when rolling out the TV ... Read More

Note Apps: Which Should You Choose?

Note Apps: Which Should You Choose? So much of our lives now revolve around the electronic device in our pocket or on our desk, which makes it all the more surprising that most of us still rely on technology that is hundreds of years old for making notes – pen and paper. Communicating with colleagues, organising our diaries, or catching ... Read More

Teacher’s Guide to Augmented Reality

Teacher's Guide to Augmented RealityIt may sound like something from a sci-fi movie but augmented reality is, well, an actual reality. It’s not a surprise then that educators are finding ways to incorporate it into their teaching; here’s our guide to help you get started. The basic idea of augmented reality (AR) is that an extra layer of information is added ... Read More

Teacher’s Guide to Gamification

Teacher's Guide to GamificationMany would consider ‘gaming’ a barrier to progress, with bleary-eyed students struggling to focus after a late night battling fictional characters with their online gaming friends, most of whom they will never meet. But gamification is buzzword in education, and it has been claimed that it will revolutionise student engagement and attainment. So what exactly is it? ... Read More