Webinar – meet our user management experts

This week we’re joining up with Education Technology for a webinar called “Preparing for the September Intake – How to make managing users simple” Topics we will cover include: If you’ve not registered yet click the link above to ensure you don’t miss out. In the meantime we thought we’d give you some more information on the experts who will … Read More

Case study – North Shore Academy

John Jameson, North Shore Academy From the start it was for the school children. It takes time and they forget where they need to look or can’t remember websites in order to login. Magellan removes that need to remember the sites and multiple logins, it makes it so much easier without any of those steps. “ Magellan removes that need … Read More

Single-sign-on benefits for schools, part 1: students

Single-sign-on benefits for schools part 1: students×This is the first in a three part series looking at the benefits of single-sign-on (SSO) for different user groups in schools and colleges. In following posts we will explore the benefits for teachers and administrators.Background Most software for schools is designed to solve a specific problem for a specific user group. Take our ... Read More

10 questions to ask before you implement BYOD in your school

10 questions to ask before you implement BYOD in your schoolIf your looking to implement BYOD in your school, college or university there are a number of important questions to ask before you go live. Watch this short video to learn more... VIDEO TRANSCIPT 10 questions to ask before you implement BYOD in your school: Infrastructure and wireless network 1. ... Read More

Network Manager’s guide to

Network Manager’s guide to single-sign-onCSE's Magellan is an advanced single-sign-on software solution for schools, colleges and universities. Since the launch of Magellan, we’ve found that single-sign-on is a real hot topic with our customers, so we have put together a short guide to bring you up to speed. Identity Management and single-sign-on are set to be a priority in the ... Read More