The Internet of Things for Education: A Brief Guide

The Internet of Things for Education: A Brief GuideWe’ve been reading a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) lately and although it’s a not a brand new concept, it’s destined to hit the mainstream in a big way over the next few years. Read on for our brief guide to the concept, and what it might mean for those ... Read More

Teacher’s Guide to Video and Animation Tools

Teacher's Guide to Video and Animation Tools You’re probably aware how much time your students (and perhaps colleagues!) spend captivated by online video, whether its reliving favourite adverts, learning hair and make up tips or the ubiquitous funny cats. Video is an effective and engaging way to deliver a message, but long gone are the days when rolling out the TV ... Read More

Teacher’s Guide to Augmented Reality

Teacher's Guide to Augmented RealityIt may sound like something from a sci-fi movie but augmented reality is, well, an actual reality. It’s not a surprise then that educators are finding ways to incorporate it into their teaching; here’s our guide to help you get started. The basic idea of augmented reality (AR) is that an extra layer of information is added ... Read More

Teacher’s Guide to Gamification

Teacher's Guide to GamificationMany would consider ‘gaming’ a barrier to progress, with bleary-eyed students struggling to focus after a late night battling fictional characters with their online gaming friends, most of whom they will never meet. But gamification is buzzword in education, and it has been claimed that it will revolutionise student engagement and attainment. So what exactly is it? ... Read More

A Teacher’s Guide to… HTML5

A Teacher’s Guide to… HTML5 It’s a term that gets banded around a lot: “this great new learning tool uses HTML5” or “we’re using HTML5 to make it more accessible” or “the kids in coding club have built a great HTML5 app”. In this blog we explain the basics of HTML5, look at how it has changed the online environment, ... Read More