CSE OneStep: Simply making IT happen

CSE OneStep: Simply making IT happen

BlinkBlink and you’ve missed it.

That’s how it can feel sometimes when you work in IT – the pace of change in technology is unremitting, and by the time you’ve learned enough about the next big thing and decided to implement it, another one has come along.

For those working in schools this problem is magnified. Budgets, red tape, and day-to-day network management stretch Network Managers and their small teams. IT professionals have an innate desire to work with the very latest technologies and stay one step ahead, but the realities of the job make this near impossible to achieve.

And making decisions on major IT upgrades can’t be done lightly; security, compatibility, training and future proofing, are just some of the key considerations that must be got right.

Take BYOD for example; Can your network handle the extra load? Does your wireless coverage have dead spots? How are users going to securely access resources? How are you going to manage users? How are you going to handle multiple device types? All of these questions are part of achieving one goal, but could be significant projects in their own right.

 I’m always looking towards the next thing, but like most schools these days, we face the challenge of having limited resources and needing to get the best we can both from new technology and the ICT we already have. Mark Letman, Network Manager, Corpus Christi High School, Cardiff

Wouldn’t it be great if all this effort, resource and expertise wasn’t necessary? If you could just decide what you want to achieve and make it happen. No delays or uncertainty – just the results you need.

Sound like an impossible dream? Maybe not. CSE OneStep has been developed to do exactly this. You tell us what you need to achieve and we make it happen.

That’s not to say you get a one size fits all system. Every project is different so the only thing that comes as standard from CSE is a tailored solution developed specifically for your school.

The CSE OneStep approach goes beyond implementing new technology and into the day-to-day management and support of your network. It’s all about making sure that a school’s technology needs are met without any hassle or worry, whether that takes the form of a fully managed service, access to expert technical support when you need it, procurement and installation of hardware – the list is virtually endless.

By talking to CSE you can take that OneStep towards the ideal solution for your school.

CSE OneStep Access simplifies the way resources, tools and files are accessed giving a seamless user experience, whenever, wherever.

CSE OneStep Asset Management simplifies the identification and ongoing management of all school assets.

CSE OneStep BYOD simplifies the preparation and implementation of BYOD in your school.

CSE OneStep Support Services simplifies and strengthens your school’s IT provision and support.

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