IT in schools, top five concerns


Blog-learning-600A typical 15 year old looks at their phone on average fourteen times a day (OFCOM, 2013), and one in five children own their own iPad. Technology is clearly part of young people’s lives but in teaching environments it’s not as straightforward as knowing who owns what. These are the top five issues about IT in schools which our customers are concerned about at the moment:


1. Delivering educational value

Using IT to engage a class rather than distract attention.

If you aren’t confident to use iPads or individual PC’s in class, or can’t find a quick way to get everyone looking at the same page at the same time, IT can get in the way of learning.

 2. Investing in new products before being fully au fait with existing systems

 Are we using the systems properly and will they work together if we invest more?

Most teachers have to work on several different systems, including SIMS or People Tracker, not to mention all the Office applications like Word or Excel and teaching resources such as 2DDesign.

3. Inequality of access

We can’t afford to give every pupil their own device; but it’s impossible to prevent some bringing their own iPads into school.

Many of your staff and students have their own, top of the range devices. You don’t want to waste time ‘policing’ their use, but do want every one to be able to benefit from IT and internet resources.

 4. Start-up frustrations

 Time is wasted logging in and out of systems in class; attention and time is lost reviewing login details.

Security is crucial with school information.  Strong passwords and systems are required to protect information and individuals, but in class, time spent logging in can be the easiest way to lose control and attention.

 5. Poor access from home

 Finishing off administrative tasks and assessments from home is useful (often essential!) but logging in and out of the secure network system is clunky and can be time consuming.

Many schools have good secure networks so staff can login from home but it is still time consuming finding files, and saving new information is not always easy or quick.  If you can only login from within the school or college building it can be even more time consuming driving in beforehand!

If any of these issues resonate with you, you need to consider the Magellan product. It has been developed by CSE to meet the specific IT needs of schools and colleges. It meets every one of these infact!

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