Keep it local or go server-less? Maybe a Hybrid Cloud model is better for your school…

Keep it local or go server-less?
Maybe a Hybrid Cloud model is better for your school…

The Cloud has been the biggest disruptor to the IT industry in recent years, and many schools and colleges are still navigating the sometimes confusing options this has presented. Some will undoubtedly be asking the question: is it the right time to take the leap and move all data storage off-site and go server-less, or should you keep with the tried and tested on-site servers?

On-site servers have been a mainstay of school networks for many years, so the thought of making the leap into the Cloud can be daunting. You know that it is inexpensive and infinitely scalable, but what will it mean for the traffic on your broadband connection? It offers better connectivity for people who want to work off-site – but what about security?

If you’re stuck between the two, there is another option that could give you the best of both worlds – Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud allows data to be split between both public and private spaces, giving you the flexibility to choose which is the best fit for your various types of data. It can also relieve pressure on IT teams by removing server maintenance responsibility, not to mention freeing up budget that might have been needed to upgrade on-site storage.

But you don’t want to end up with a disjointed system that is hard for students and teachers to use and troublesome for the IT team to manage.

CSE’s educational software, Magellan, fully supports a Hybrid Cloud set up and provides a seamless user experience wherever data is stored. All files and resources are accessible from any location with internet access, even if they are hosted locally. This gives ultimate flexibility and control for how and where you choose to host your data, and eliminates disruption should you decide to migrate.

The Hybrid Cloud model can be the best of both worlds

If you’re considering server-less or an upgrade to existing local servers, it’s certainly worth putting Hybrid Cloud into the mix too – it might well be the best way forward for your school or college.

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