Looking for secure remote access to school files?

Looking for secure remote access to school files?


Have you recently switched from LogMeIn and now need remote access to your files? We’ve noticed that some schools have switched from LogMeIn recently and now can’t access their files remotely. In this situation, Magellan is a prefect solution because it allows you to access your files from any device whatsoever, and is secure and incredibly easy to use.


Security peace of mind

Magellan is a secure portal to your schools server and the word secure is important here. Do you ever take a USB stick home with files on it? Does it have double encryption? Unlikely! Have you ever forgotten where you left it? Often!

A straight forward solution

This is why Magellan is an incredibly simple and secure solution because it gives you one web address which you type into your browser, and from there, with one click, it takes you straight to all your school files.

Actually there are a huge number of other benefits to Magellan, like being able to work on documents on your iPad or phone even though you don’t have the software on that device.

Imagine, you spot an awful typo on your PowerPoint presentation. With Magellan it’s not a problem, because you just open the document via the browser on your phone though Magellan on your way to work, change the slide using your phone, save it back to the system, and arrive at school to deliver your presentation which now is perfect and has no nasty typo!

If you have switched from LogMeIn and need to access your schools files, then Magellan is a great solution and very competitively priced. It costs around £1.00 per user per year so for the ease of use and peace of mind alone it is worth it.

There are a myriad other uses for Magellan – as many as your imagination really – which will allow you to get even greater value from it, but it’s most basic function – accessing school files remotely – will prove invaluable to you.

If you’d like to know more about how to install Magellan please get in touch by calling  01993 88 66 88 or come and find us at BETT on stand 340.

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