Magellan: the ideal classroom flipping tool


Blog-flippedclassroom2-600Trends pioneered in the USA educational sphere have a habit of eventually making their way over to the UK and getting slowly adopted into the mainstream. Many enlightened UK teaching professionals have embraced existing technologies and have created their own flipped classroom ideas.

They are making use of a rich set of cloud-based apps and websites to bring together lesson and study materials and pushing them outside of the classroom, into the pupil’s home. This allows students to access learning anywhere and at any time. They engage with parents and friends whilst learning and return to school ready to discuss what they have learned with their classmates and teachers.

For educators, it is a simple process to create materials suitable for flipped lessons. Rather than point out individual Web Apps or sites, take a look at the Free Flipped Teaching and Learning Resources Ebook published on-line by Emerging EdTeach, which can be found at;

Magellan is the ideal tool for delivering an integrated and focused flipped classroom experience for all pupils. Magellan allows staff to integrate web apps and web sites and provides access to shared files and resources held within the school’s network system. When a pupil logs in to Magellan they receive an environment created just for them, with all external web app content available by just clicking on a simple tiles.

Tiles can also be interactive, containing presentations, video and sound clips; allowing teachers to create their own flipped learning environment for their pupils. Unlike other cloud-based portals, Magellan provides unhindered access to material resources held within the school’s own network system. So it is easy to blend together cloud-based applications and resources, with the users own work and shared files held within the school. Uniquely it provides the best of both worlds, within one simple to use browser-based environment.

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