Magellan is a cloud-based portal for schools, designed to improve user engagement,
user access and user management

Personalised dashboards improve user engagement and provide quick, hassle-free access to all apps and resources. The admin console seamlessly links with your MIS, automating the management of users.



Bring together apps, resources, files and more with
personalised dashboards

With their personalised dashboards, users have access to all the applications they require, their personal and shared files, emails, personal timetable, homework planner, noticeboards, school information – basically everything – from one intuitive interface.

Encourage use of online resources by making them
easily accessible

By putting the resources staff want to be able to use in the hands of every student, teachers are free to utilise the potential of technology to improve learning and engagement.

Enable users to work
from anywhere, with
any device

Magellan extends learning beyond the classroom, giving users the freedom to use all apps, tools and files – whether cloud based or local to the school network – from home, or anywhere else with Internet access.

“Like many trusts, we use a plethora of web-based resources. Until Magellan, there was no way to bring these together into one interface where all users know where and how to access them. Now, users log in and are presented with the appropriate resources, and have single sign-on (SSO) access in to them.”
Tudor Grange Academies Trust

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Save time by letting users
single-sign-on to anything

Magellan provides true single-sign-on (SSO), meaning users need only login once to access all systems, freeing them to utilise the great technology available to them without the hassles and disruption caused by multiple logins.

Give users access to any resource; cloud or local

By integrating online and local infrastructure seamlessly, Magellan enables schools to adopt a hybrid cloud model and manage a controlled move to the cloud. User’s dashboards are a single point of access, no matter where the resource resides.

Make mobile access easy with the Magellan app

The Magellan mobile – available for Android and IOS – provides users secure access to your home directories, and file shares from mobile devices which would otherwise not be able to integrate with these systems.

“We wanted a portal where people could access their work from outside school and it’s been ideal for that. The fact that you can access applications is a bonus, for example the kids can access 2D Design and things like that.” Read more
Mark Letman, Corpus Christi School

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Automate user account creation

Save time and reduce costs with automated provisioning (or mass deployment). Magellan automates the creation of user accounts by utilising data from your MIS, it can even set-up user accounts for online apps and resources including Office 365.

Easily manage users

Every night Magellan syncs data from the MIS, capturing any changes that have been made. Not only does it create new users, but it can remove and modify existing accounts, for example; a name change. Magellan even provides access to the Powershell scripts that control exactly how users are managed down to the tiniest detail, this allows CSE to provide a bespoke system for your network.

Seamlessly integrate with your school’s MIS

CSE Student Hub can be integrated with Management Information Systems (MIS), such as SIMS. For students, this allows access to their timetable on the Student desktop. For administrators, this makes creating user accounts and setting-up associated apps and resources an automated process, saving many hours work.


“When pupils start at the school, Magellan automatically takes the data from our MIS and creates all the accounts they’ll need: from a network account in Active Directory, to Office 365, our VLE and numerous other systems.
Magellan’s User Management allows me to manage, yet automate our password policy and creates all user areas, profiles and shares. Creating a single user or importing a whole user group is so easy.”

Saeed Khan, University of Birmingham School

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Examples of issues Magellan can solve in your school

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Transforming education with ICT
“All the websites and resources you need, wherever they are on the web, are all brought together in one central place. It’s easy for the children and the staff; it’s faster and saves them time, with just one place to check in. It really solves that problem of when they can’t remember all their logins.”

John Jameson, North Shore Academy

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St John’s School moves to the cloud
“I like the fact that it’s a one stop shop, I really do. Schools are using more and more programmes and there will never be one system that does everything, so what schools really need is one area where users can access all these many systems..”

Mark Sartorius, St John’s School, Leatherhead

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