Major upgrade to Magellan released

Major upgrade to Magellan released

Today we can announce some major upgrades to Magellan – the universal education portal from CSE.

Magellan users need only sign-in once to access all their apps, resources and files

The single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities of Magellan have been significantly enhanced, making it the most comprehensive single-sign-on solution designed for schools and colleges. In-fact, we are only aware of high-end, corporate enterprise systems that have equivalent single-sign-on capabilities.

A more in-depth post about the single-sign-on developments will be posted soon, in the meantime here are the key features:

  • Magellan offers ‘true’ single-sign-on; it does not just harmonise credentials across accounts, users login to Magellan once and can access everything without having to submit credentials.
  • The system can handle all types of authentication (and there are many!).
  • It can sign users in to native apps on tablets and smart phones.
  • To date, we have not found a single app or resource that Magellan cannot handle.



The second big development that we can announce is the integration of Magellan with Management Information Systems (MIS) such as SIMS. This brings significant benefits to both management and users, including:

  • Automated provisioning or mass deployment: this enables schools and colleges to automate the creation of user accounts by utilising data from the MIS. It can even set-up user accounts for online apps and resources. This is a huge time saver for schools and colleges.
  • Access to useful data: for users, the integration with MIS means that useful data can be delivered directly to them on whatever device they happen to be using at the time. For example, each user can have a personal timetable on their dashboard.

With this release of Magellan we are making cloud deployment the standard. This is cost effective, removes the headache of hosting on internal systems, and is infinitely scalable.

We are also changing the pricing model for Magellan with two simple tiers:

  • Magellan: all the features and benefits that users are accustom to, now including the advanced single-sign-on capabilities detailed above.
  • Magellan Premium: introduces the additional benefits of MIS integration.

For more information about the upgrades to Magellan please contact us.

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