5 ways Managed Services can save your school money


The idea that outsourcing a service will actually save money may be counterintuitive, but much like the resulting wasted time and expensive remedial work of a botched DIY effort, it is often best value to focus on what you’re good at and bring in the experts for specialist services.

Here are five ways that outsourcing your IT to CSE Managed Services will reduce costs for your school:


Staff absences and holidays are not your problem and you have the reassurance that your IT Department will always be supported. When staff are absent or on holiday, we supply an engineer who is familiar with your school and systems to cover, with no additional cost or management for the school.

2.Proactive maintenance

The best way to cut the cost and hassle of unexpected IT issue is to catch them before they become a problem. All our Managed Service customers benefit from regular updates, security patches, and performance checks as a standard part of our service. Having these measures in place will improve the efficiency and reliability of your IT infrastructure, leading to reduced costs, less downtime, and better performance.

3.Inclusive project work

With an experienced CSE team on-site, there is often no need to bring in additional engineers (with the associated costs) to carry out project work.

4.Development and training

Technology in schools doesn’t (or shouldn’t) stand still, so we invest in our staff to ensure they are continually trained with new skills and qualifications. This means your school benefits from knowledgeable, capable staff without having to pay for their training and development.

5.Predictable, budgeted costs

A fixed price for a fixed duration makes it far easier for you to predict and manage your overall ICT budget.

Managed Services from CSE

Reducing costs whilst increasing system reliability are the key drivers
for schools moving away from outdated support models to intelligent
outsourcing and co-sourcing.

• Reduce costs

• Increase system reliability

• Unlimited expertise

• Peace of mind