Programming with Pi: Our Pick of the Projects

Programming with Pi: Our Pick of the Projects

With the introduction to the market of the Raspberry Pi Zero a couple of weeks ago, computing yet again has taken a step smaller and cheaper. Since the first Pi appeared almost four years ago, people have found increasingly creative ways to flex their programming muscles. If you fancy setting your students a coding project over the Christmas break, we’ve taken the opportunity to round up a few of our favourites.

Protect your Pi

OK, at £4 the latest addition to the Raspberry Pi family is not a big investment but a case will protect the vulnerable components while giving the opportunity for some personalisation. You can download a template for a card case here, why not tie it in with a geometry lesson to get to grips with 3D shapes? Decorating it gives the opportunity to incorporate some artistic elements too.


The Pi can be combined with plenty of other components to create clever devices. You could try building a weather station, connect to a camera (this insect habitat project is great), or create some smart designs using an EggBot machine.

Hit the Pi notes

Ever considered coding for music composition? Sonic-Pi does just that. You could even take it one step further and use your Pi to design a light show that fits to music – here’s an expert version!


Pi flyer

If you’re looking for more advanced projects, what about a treasure box that uses facial recognition to identify its keeper? Or get inspired by this impressive Lego city, made interactive using Raspberry Pi technology (amongst others).

Get your caffeine Pi

Finally, for those of you too busy programming to even put the kettle on, a voice activated coffee machine could be the project for you!

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