Whether you’re a post 16 centre, 6th form attached to a school or FE college, CSE has the right solution for you.

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At post 16 students are generally given more freedom in their own learning and education choices and the ICT network needs to be harmonised with this. In a number of cases, learning could take place in different partner establishments where schools may form a shared post 16 strategy. Students may not necessarily be on campus for the whole school day and will attend lessons and lectures as and when required.


The ICT provision for post 16 generally incorporates very specialised industry standard applications and hardware. There is a need for high bandwidth, high performance technology so that students are able to stretch their imagination and achieve their true potential.

Students will have developed their learning styles so the system needs to be flexible so that no barriers to learning exist and creativity can be encouraged and enhanced. As students will be more in control of their learning, a system that promotes personalised learning whilst making assessment and progress reporting easier is key.

Simplified communication between teachers and students ensures that where there may be less contact time students feel they have the support and help they need, when they need it.

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Services we offer for post 16 education…

  • Network Upgrades and Support
  • Wireless and Mobile learning
  • Specialist equipment
  • Teaching Walls and AV
  • Computer and device supply
  • Software
  • Cabling and Wireless
  • Tailored support


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Importantly if you are unsure of what to do next or what your priorities should be then don’t worry, our team of experienced Account Managers are here to help. Contact us now to arrange a discussion of ICT in your school and receive free practical advice on what your next steps should be. CSE have a broad supply chain and are completely vendor neutral, meaning that we can offer the solution that offers the best performance and cultural fit rather than pushing a particular technology or solution on you.