CSE has been supplying and installing ICT for our primary customers for over 20 years, read the information below to see how we can help you.

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The primary journey.

CSE offer a number of products and solutions specifically for our primary partners. A primary ICT solution is unique in that it needs to cope with a very wide range of student development throughout the journey from early years to year 6 where the students need to be ready for their transition to secondary school.

Any ICT solution needs to be both flexible and adaptable so that very young students can get access quickly with limited fuss and older students can expand and stretch their knowledge using the resources provided. Teachers need to be able to gain access reliably and be confident that the system will work (without requiring a degree in computer science) and be confident that students can do the same.

Parental engagement.

Parental engagement to promote active involvement in their child’s learning is key to any child’s development, and even more so in the primary phase. Often this is one area that schools and parents find challenging but developments in resources and online learning in recent years can simplify this. Many schools are able to have a collection of resources and information on the school website to share with parents. At home, parents can log into and complete online lessons helping to reinforce the learning that the students does in the classroom.  You can learn more here.

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Reliable Support.

Any solution needs to be robust and reliable and to ensure this, a solid support mechanism needs to be in place so that teachers can get on with the task of teaching. A support package not only needs to be flexible and tailored to match your individual ethos but also needs to offer more than just fixing things when they go wrong. It needs to offer practical advice and give the opportunity for teachers to learn and get advice in the use of ICT, CSE provide a critical friend service helping our customers to understand and realise their desired outcomes without wasting time and effort on fads that end up on a shelf in a store cupboard.

Services we offer for primary schools…

  • Network Upgrades and Support
  • Wireless and Mobile learning
  • Specialist equipment
  • Teaching Walls and AV
  • Computer and device supply
  • Software
  • Cabling and Wireless
  • Tailored support


Talk to us

Importantly if you are unsure of what to do next or what your priorities should be then don’t worry, our team of experienced Account Managers are here to help. Contact us now to arrange a discussion of ICT in your school and receive free practical advice on what your next steps should be. CSE have a broad supply chain and are completely vendor neutral, meaning that we can offer the solution that offers the best performance and cultural fit rather than pushing a particular technology or solution on you.