CSE has been supplying and installing ICT for our secondary customers for over 20 years, read the information below to see how we can help you.

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The secondary phase of education provides a new set of challenges for ICT as the students develop their skills ready to join the workforce or specialise in certain fields as they get ready for FE and HE courses. Any ICT solution design needs to cater for the unique way that a school operates with many high bandwidth actions performed simultaneously at the start or end of a lesson period.

Technology advancements.

Secondary schools demand, high specification, industry standard ICT, so that students can benefit from the latest technology advancements, ensuring their learning is current and relevant to real world applications. In many cases the technology moves faster than the teachers can adapt, but it is possible to keep up without chopping and changing systems just to follow the latest fad. The ICT solution needs to be flexible to allow lots of different types of teaching and learning styles, whilst ensuring that the school meets its desired outcomes. It’s important not to adopt a philosophy of technology for technologies sake, technology will never replace good teaching practice, but integrated correctly it enhances good practice and simplifies processes making higher achievement possible whilst reducing work load on admin tasks and back office functions.

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Reliable Support.

Today ICT in schools is critical not only for teaching and learning but for the day to day running and operation of the school. Systems need to be highly available and robust, because ICT is becoming as important in the safe running of a school as much as electricity or heating is. Many schools would have to consider whether they could fulfil their safeguarding obligations, opening with the complete failure of the ICT solution. But don’t worry proper disaster recovery planning can ensure this never happens.

Services we offer for secondary schools…

  • Network Upgrades and Support
  • Wireless and Mobile learning
  • Specialist equipment
  • Teaching Walls and AV
  • Computer and device supply
  • Software
  • Cabling and Wireless
  • Tailored support


Talk to us

Importantly if you are unsure of what to do next or what your priorities should be then don’t worry, our team of experienced Account Managers are here to help. Contact us now to arrange a discussion of ICT in your school and receive free practical advice on what your next steps should be. CSE have a broad supply chain and are completely vendor neutral, meaning that we can offer the solution that offers the best performance and cultural fit rather than pushing a particular technology or solution on you.