CSE’s experience and expertise in cloud computing can assist you, whether you’re just begining to explore the possibilities or you want to move to a completely hosted IT environment.


Moving to the cloud.

Cloud services are applications, hardware or services that are hosted externally to your school in a datacentre. Until recently, high rental costs have meant that the cost has been prohibitive to schools but this has now come down enough to make it a consideration. There may still be questions that require answering before working out whether it is the best solution for you.

Cloud services have numerous advantages such as lower capital costs, reduction in heating and cooling costs, easier management, improved accessibility, scalability and often increased redundancy and resiliency. There is however often an increase in revenue costs for datacentre and sometimes hardware rental, and your internet connection must be fast and reliable.

Hassle free.

Even though most people know the benefits of Cloud computing, for some the thought of moving all services to the Cloud is a daunting one. CSE will guide you through the process so you know what will happen when, what to expect and most importantly how to manage the new solution. If you cannot afford to move everything to the Cloud then for a while, a hybrid-cloud setup will be suitable, where some of your services are local and some are cloud based. CSE’s Magellan portal will bring both locations together for your end users who need not worry where services are located.


CSE can help you move to the Cloud.

CSE can provide a range of different services from the cloud, some examples are below.

CSE’s Magellan portal will allow users on any device (BYOD included) a secure standard interface which will provide a standard interface whatever the Operating System to all the systems listed above, whether they are local or in the Cloud. It will also provide Single-Sign-On access to all systems. In addition to this, Magellan can allow authorised users from outside the domain secure access to systems on the domain – this includes access to NTFS file shares. Magellan allows the School to assign different resources to different users depending on their requirements and authorisations.

Domain Services – An Active Directory service hosted in the Cloud can increase resiliency and redundancy. It also allows scalability and the option of incorporating partner schools and associates into the same domain.

Full Server Farm – Use our datacentre to create a full virtual server farm and install all your services on them just as you would if the server was on premises. Or select some of the services below and adopt a hybrid cloud system:

  • Cashless Catering
  • MIS system
  • Full Service Desk and Asset Management solution
  • Library system
  • Desktops (DaaS – Desktop as a Service) – a VDI service will allow any user to be provided with a desktop on any device, whether PC, Mac, tablet or phone

  • Assest Management
  • VLE
  • Office 365
  • Deployment (SaaS – Software as a Service) – Applications can be configured and deployed to any user anywhere
  • Backups – CSE has a number of Cloud backup services available. Choose from a single server user data backup to a full site wide data and virtual machine server farm backup with numerous options in between



CSE’s Magellan portal is your unique window to the Cloud. Magellan allows you to Single Sign On to your Cloud or local services without having to remember addresses, usernames and passwords for all your different applications. See more about Magellan here.

Office 365.

Office 365 allows UK schools to have free access to lots of valuable services:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • 1TB per user of online storage
  • Microsoft Lync instant messaging and collaboration
  • SharePoint services

  • Web versions of the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Allow multiple users to collaborate on the same documents
  • and many more features…

Office 365 does require essential maintenance though – users need to be synchronised with your local system and email policies need to be set as well as SharePoint sites set up. CSE can do all this and much more. Use CSE’s Magellan portal to Single Sign On to Office 365 (without Federation Services!) for an even smoother experience.

Bundle Office 365 with Microsoft’s Student advantage and this will allow your students to install the full Microsoft Office suite on up to 5 personal devices.



Find out more

If you would like to know more about Cloud services, or would like a no obligation ICT audit to establish your requirements, please contact us today.