Should teachers be worried about their apples?

Should teachers be worried about their apples?


‘Apple devices in China have been targeted by ‘an impressive malware attack.’ Could this affect us in the UK? Tony Saxby, Technical Consultant at CSE reassures customers.

“What protects the Apple ecosystem is the control that Apple has over the applications that can be installed on their devices. Viruses and malware tend to get installed when an application is installed, or when code gets executed. Tight control over these mechanisms can prevent or hinder the deployment of such things. However, in this case it seems that an “unapproved” app store  has been used and as a result it has by-passed Apple’s security systems.

Basically people in China have downloaded pirate versions of apps from unapproved stores.  Using only official Apple and Android stores will ensure safety in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

We’ve just been through the process ourselves of successfully submitting an app to the Apple Store, the Magellan Mobile app, and can tell you that it’s a reassuringly rigorous process!

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