Signs your school needs an IT managed service


Managed IT services in schools are undoubtedly growing in popularity. Handing the responsibility for increasingly complex IT services to an expert provider, allowing the school to focus on education, is a compelling reason for governors and SLTs to make the move. Couple that with the potential to actually reduce IT costs and it can be hard to argue against outsourcing.

But that doesn’t mean it is right for everyone; so how do you know if your school is ripe for managed services?

We travel the length and breadth of the UK working with IT professionals and SLTs, getting a real insight into how different IT teams work. Here are some signs that we have picked up along the way that suggest outsourcing could be the best way forward. If you can relate to a few (or more!) of these scenarios then maybe it’s time to give us a call!   

  • No clear escalation point for IT issues and accountability.
  • Teachers / students have no confidence in IT.
  • Faults just accepted and not reported.
  • Users implement workarounds to bypass IT issues.
  • No ownership of IT strategy.
  • No IT strategy.
  • No IT helpdesk performance statistics.
  • Lengthy waits for help desk requests to be actioned.
  • Unreliable IT infrastructure.
  • Regular interruptions to IT service.
  • No effective dialogue between IT and SLT.
  • No effective dialogue between IT and staff.
  • IT plans not democratic.
  • Long-standing problem areas within school IT network.
  • Not enough skills or knowledge to support ALL IT variants across whole school.
  • Not enough manpower within team to provide comprehensive support.
  • Responsibilities of IT team not clear or not acknowledged.
  • Recent examples of unsuccessful procurement – underused equipment or software.
  • Skills and knowledge not shared across the IT team.
  • IT team members not effectively trained with no ongoing training plan.
  • Limited visibility of IT team across the school.
  • An untidy server room.
  • Limited understanding across the school of exactly what the IT team do.
  • Poor attendance records within IT team.

Managed Services from CSE

Reducing costs whilst increasing system reliability are the key drivers
for schools moving away from outdated support models to intelligent
outsourcing and co-sourcing.

• Reduce costs

• Increase system reliability

• Unlimited expertise

• Peace of mind