Single-sign-on benefits for schools, part 1: students

Single-sign-on benefits for schools
part 1: students

This is the first in a three part series looking at the benefits of single-sign-on (SSO) for different user groups in schools and colleges. In following posts we will explore the benefits for teachers and administrators.

Single-sign-on-keyMost software for schools is designed to solve a specific problem for a specific user group. Take our asset management software for example: business managers get quite excited when we show them how it auto-detects assets, calculates depreciation and integrates with the school’s support desk. Yet others in the school community don’t even know it exists, let alone get excited about depreciation calculations!

Single-sign-on software is different. Every user group in the school can see the benefits for them – it’s a genuine ‘win win’. When we demo the single-sign-on capabilities of Magellan, teachers, students, administrators, SLT – they all ‘get it’.

So in this series of blog posts we explore why single-sign-on has such appeal to so many users in schools and colleges, through the eyes of three key user groups, starting with students. The benefits described relate specifically to the capabilities of Magellan and may not apply to other solutions.

Part 1: Single-sign-on benefits for students

Using online resources and apps is second nature to young people today. They have grown up in a tablet and smart phone era; in their home and social lives they are continually moving from app to app. Social media, shopping, music, games – online apps and resources are a central part of everyday life.

And they expect a seamless experience; in a minute before leaving home they can check their Instagram, see what the weather’s doing, check their train is on time, download a podcast and start playing Pokémon GO! They can move swiftly from one to another without a login screen to be seen.

So imagine the frustration when they sit at a school desktop, or pick-up a school iPad, and find that they have to login to every resource individually, every time. And if the native apps they need are not on the hardware they are using, they either can’t use them or have to take to their browser to find them. Whilst older generations might accept this, it is unfamiliar territory to students – it causes frustration and slows progress.


With a school single-sign-on solution like Magellan, students are given an experience that emulates their own tablet or phone. They have a dashboard – a space of their own that they access from any device. The dashboard is configured with tiles for the apps and resources that they want to use (and that the school want them to use). Each resource is just a click or a tap away; instant access, no login screens or passwords.


So by utilising the possibilities of advanced single-sign-on technology, Magellan gives students their own digital space and a user experience they feel at home with. School technology becomes an extension of their digital life.

Next we’ll be looking at the benefits of single-sign-on for teachers and finally what single-sign-on can do for school IT managers and administrators.

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