Six reasons to consider outsourcing your school’s IT

Six reasons to consider outsourcing your school’s IT

Of all the things a school needs to have in place to run at its best, sometimes expertise can be the hardest to find. This is particularly true when it comes to the progressively more complex world of IT. Outsourcing to a specialist company can provide the solution and be the best way to keep your IT hassle-free.

Here are six reasons why outsourcing IT could work for your school.


Access to expertise without complicated and costly recruitment

Contracting a specialist company gives you direct access to qualified and knowledgeable technicians. This saves you the time and money you would otherwise have spent on a recruitment process – and it can’t always be guaranteed that you will find the right person (or people) who would be perfect for your team. By outsourcing, you also avoid the headache of HR responsibilities.


Free up time to focus on educational priorities

A school’s IT needs often extend beyond the day-to-day support and maintenance of a network – in-house IT staff can also be tasked with developing new systems and policies that will support educational aims. By removing the distraction of the more general tasks and handing them over to an external company, the staff that know the school’s needs best can focus on the ideas that will improve teaching and learning.


Benefit from development and innovation

Specialist IT companies make it their business to be at the forefront of their field. By contracting them to look after your school network, you get the benefits of their development and innovation after all the testing has been done and the bugs have been ironed out – keeping you at the sharp end without the hassle.


It doesn’t have to mean losing onsite staff

There are various ways an external company can be integrated into your existing staff structures, meaning that IT staff can be kept onsite whatever the level of support. Offsite technicians can be there as a support as and when they’re needed by school IT teams, a schedule of regular visits can be agreed on, or specialist staff employed by the contracted company can be permanently based in the school.


Reliable support, anytime

An outsourced company will provide support all year round, and has the capacity to cover annual leave and illness – a luxury not often enjoyed by schools with small or even single-person IT teams. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that whatever happens, experts are on call, is priceless.


Enhanced security

Ensuring your network and its associated data is secure can be costly, not to mention a never-ending task as the technology landscape constantly changes. A specialist IT company is much better placed to invest in the latest security, and will ensure that firewalls, virus protection, data security etc. are all kept up to date and as secure as possible.

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