CSE offer a range of device management solutions to help you stay in control of the increasingly diverse demands of that multiple devices place on IT support.


Increased variety.

With the increase in mobile devices there are often new management requirements arising. They are often not traditional Windows or Apple devices and can rarely be configured via your group policies. In addition you need your school apps, wireless settings and proxy services to be deployed or users will have trouble accessing the resources they require.

Complete Support.

Whether you have iPads, Android or Windows tablets devices CSE can deploy, manage and secure your mobile devices. In addition, our HTML5 any-device portal Magellan, will allow users on these devices access to all the resources you wish them to access whatever their OS.




If you have any requirements for your mobile devices, or you are thinking about investing in them, speak to CSE. We can guide you through the whole process having gone through it with many schools – schools who have had 1:1 iPads, or those who want to accomplish similar things with a lower budget Android solution. We can advise on your infrastructure and wireless requirements, the pitfalls of using different Operating Systems, and how to survive if you want to share these highly personal devices.


Find out more

If you would like to know more about mobile device management, or would like a no obligation ICT audit to establish your requirements, please contact us today.