Securing your network is of crucial importance to any school. CSE has a plethora of solutions in our supply chain, either vanilla, 3rd party or bespoke to solve any networking solution.



We produce our own network management tools which you can learn about in our software section but we are also experts in the install, management and training on valuable 3rd party solutions, such as HP IMC for infrastructure management. We also install classroom management solutions and can advise on the best solution for your school.

We supply integrated service desk and asset management software written especially for schools to ensure managing and supporting your assets is easy. Learn more.


CSE also has have many years’ experience with e-safety solutions, whether that be keyboard monitoring solutions, web filter solutions, firewalls, VPN or SSL solutions.

Our wide ranging and feature rich supply chain allows us to recommend the best solution for any school.



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If you would like to know more about your Network Security Solution requirements, or would like a no obligation ICT audit, please contact us today.