CSE have a depth of in-house technical experience in the design and delivery of IT infrastructure. As an HP partner with multiple HP accredited engineers and years’ worth of experience you can be assured that CSE will provide you with a robust, resilient but most of all fast network infrastructure.


Lifetime guarantee.

CSE can supply and install all ranges of switches, from small edge racks to redundant modular core switches. All HP switches come with lifetime warranty with free next day replacement for the lifetime of the product – the ideal solution to ensure that increased wireless traffic can be managed and controlled.

Right solution.

With the increase in mobile devices and the increase in wireless traffic that has accompanied it, infrastructure is now more important than ever. With the release of ac wireless standards, that importance is only going to grow. It is vitally important that your supplier can size, plan and install the correct solution for you or your investment in mobile devices and BYOD systems will be wasted.



Growing needs.

As schools have grown, switching has become more complicated. It is no longer adequate to just leave 100’s of machines on the same VLAN. Complex traffic management is required to segregate large networks and reduce traffic created by traffic intensive services, such as door access control systems. In addition, it may be wise to prioritise certain types of traffic, such as phone calls and configure services which use multicast as a protocol, such as some Video on Demand systems.


CSE has the expertise to audit your current system, suggest a VLAN infrastructure and implement the IP range swap over as well as configure the traffic running over the VLAN’s.

Multiple support options are available as well as training bundles making sure your infrastructure once installed is kept as good as new for the long term.



Network audit.

In addition, as CSE employs our own cabling division, we are also experts at diagnosing existing ageing networks. Very often in schools, networks and their links have grown in a piecemeal fashion and often schools may not even know how the different sections of the network are put together – a problem that is made worse by ICT staff turnover.

CSE can map out your current network and provide you with a full audit of your current system, highlighting any issues identified together with notes on likely bottlenecks or areas of risk (through connected but unknown unmanaged switches etc.)


Find out more

If you would like to know more about networking infrastructure, or would like a no obligation ICT audit to establish your requirements, please contact us today.