With the increase of BYOD systems and the huge uptake of mobile devices, wireless is one of the most important components of an ICT system.



CSE has huge experience of installing enterprise wireless systems into schools and has successfully implemented a vast number. From the smallest primary school to the largest new build CSE has the expertise to deliver a wireless system that will allow an excellent experience for all users who need to access it.



With the huge increase in wireless devices, it has become even more important to install the wireless solution with care and expertise. Even the best enterprise wireless solutions can perform poorly when installed by an inexperienced supplier. The difference between the thin blanket of wireless that was fine a few years ago to service a few laptop trollies is now not good enough for a 1:1 wireless installation. Indeed, in our experience as soon as the wireless system is configured for student access it can often become more like three devices to every one person. In a large school that can mean up to 4,500 devices are attached to the wireless at any one time, all permanently connected even if they are in people’s pockets – not switched on and off like the laptop trollies.

The important thing is to pick a supplier who has bridged that gap, managed the huge amount of extra traffic created in a 1:1 deployment and successfully delivered a service that works for the end users. In this space, the supplier is often more important than the solution, and CSE is one of the suppliers who can deliver a working solution for your school.



Wireless map.

One of the most important aspects of a wireless system is the planning. As part of a CSE wireless deployment your site will be mapped with Ekahau Enterprise Mapping suite. This will give you a heat map of all the areas covered on your site together with the signal strength available in each room. Once the installation is finished, CSE will re-map your site to check if all the pre-deploy surveys were correct.

Tailored solutions.

As for the solution itself, CSE will configure it to your own specification. The solution will be specified according to the number of users attaching in one space, what the users will be doing and what areas of the internal system they require access to. Users and Groups can be given access to and restricted from anywhere. In addition, traffic on certain systems can be prioritised to ensure a smooth service (IP phones for instance).

Student and Guest access will be enabled so your students and guests can have a wireless service that is functional but is separate from all the sensitive internal network services that are required to stay secure. Students will log on with the network username and password, reception staff can easily create temporary accounts for visitors.




Together with our Magellan portal, CSE can offer a truly secure BYOD solution which is very easy to manage. Some BYOD solutions come with significant management overheads – checking for Anti-virus, updates and assigning VLAN’s. As the Magellan portal is a secure SSL encrypted remote access solution too, all you have to do is allow access to one address for student users – the Magellan portal. This will give them access to all the internal resources they require whilst not allowing the users access to the network. Port blocking will prevent any users from having any other access.

In addition to this, CSE will allow users access to the internet through the schools filter meaning even if users are accessing through their own device, their internet browsing whilst inside the school is protected.


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