Sub £100 Windows 8 Tablets – are happening sooner than you think!

Sub £100 Windows 8 Tablets – are happening sooner than you think!


Tablet computers inspire students and are accepted as providing innovative technology within the classroom and across all ages. But, and there is always a ‘but’….

….they can represent a complete pain in terms of management inside an educational environment.

Tony Saxby from CSE explains:

Love it, or hate it, Microsoft Windows is a mature technology that has been forged in the corporate world of control and management. Nobody can really doubt that the platform provides the best tools available for both device and user management. Throughout education, domain managed Windows computers provide a fully managed, safe and secure environment for all users. There is frankly none better.

Up until now the main problem has been the affordability of Windows 8 tablets, the truth is that both Apple and Android devices have been cheaper, more available and quite frankly, sexier. I think that is about to change with the introduction of cheap sub £100 Windows tablets that is starting to happen right now.

Transparent access to files and resources

As a techy, I personally own both Android and Apple mobile devices and I’m perfectly happy with these devices, especially using cloud based applications that allow transparent access to the files and resources. But my use is entirely different to that required by a school where a duty of care towards students makes controlling and managing access to features and resources much more important to the system administrators. It’s easy for me; the devices owned by me are only available to me and I can configure them to suit my own personal needs. And that’s the rub, these are first and foremost personal devices.

Tablet trouble?

Doubling, or even tripling the number of device types that an IT administrator has to maintain and manage is a huge workload that many schools fail to account for. IT services support staff can find their workloads double overnight without any additional funding or resources. As a result it is inevitable that shortcuts get taken and services suffer. Don’t believe me? When you scratch below the surface and ask real IT Support professions employed by schools, you can quickly get to view of the issues and problems that start surfacing after the honeymoon period is over. Have a look at Edugeek and search for ‘Tablets’ to get an idea.

Easy to configure

Significantly cheaper Windows 8 tablets provide schools with the opportunity to gain the great benefits of tablet computing, without the pain and support issues. The Windows domain model is designed to allow multiple users access to devices. The system configures itself as you login and presents an appropriately secured environment in which to work. It is just designed to do that, and the IT Service Support teams already know how to do that as they have been doing that with your desktop PC’s for years.

Oh, and I have just ordered an 8” Windows 8 tablet for £99.99 from a well-known website. Maybe a little late to the party, but I still think you are all about to be blown away by the new interloper!

Note from the editor:

“These tablets would be perfect for Magellan, which helps to solve any access and security issues!”

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