The Stonehenge School saves time with Asset Manager

The Stonehenge School saves time with Asset Manager


If you’re dreading the annual chore of conducting an audit of school assets, you need to read this blog post from Kurt Cooper, ICT Network Manager at The Stonehenge School, who found the way to make it easy by using Asset Manager from CSE…

“Another Christmas and New Year over… and now the yearly chore of the departmental asset audits, oh the dread of spending  two weeks running around checking serial numbers, wondering where that monitor was moved to… what a headache.   Well that’s how I used to feel every New Year, but not anymore because I have an application to do it for me.

“I knew there would be something out there to do the job and at BETT a few years ago I saw it, CSE’s asset manager module for their service manager package (a systems management suite), however it wasn’t available yet but was at the point where CSE could demo it.  So I came away from BETT with CSE’s Service Desk module (a helpdesk module) and CSE sent a guy to set it up on a server and run through how it works… great! I had a help desk but no Asset Manager… yet.

“Asset Manager was ready for release about six months later and again CSE sent a guy to install the module and explain how it could be setup and used… now the fun began.  Fun? Yes, fun for me anyway, I like databases and manipulating data, but as with any database you can only get out what you put in.   I set about analysing how the school worked with regard to asset management and tried to create a model based on that, after all no-one likes too much change so a new system which mirrored how the old system worked was far more likely to be accepted.

“Having spent a bit of time setting up the departmental structure and the booking system which tied in with the school timetable, each piece of equipment with a value over £150 was entered into the asset manager module using the customisable templates, to be fair it only took about as long as it usually took to fill in the books on the old system.   Now with all the information in the system and any new equipment added as and when it is purchased the only thing left to do is get the information out.   Preferably in a form that is useful to the school, e.g. reports, these are, like the setup, totally customisable and provide the auditors with the schools asset records.

“Now the time saved with CSE Asset Manager is measurable and although a lot of time was spent on analysing and setting up the various aspects of the system, once complete, these are one off and will only need a tweak every now and then.

“On a yearly basis Asset Manager saves the school hundreds of man hours, and although it will not be right for all schools, it is well worth a good look.I’ve invested time in Asset Manager and it has repaid that time with interest in the two years we’ve had at our school.”

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