The University of Birmingham School: Installation Progresses

The University of Birmingham School: Installation Progresses

The University of Birmingham School is opening next month and promises to be a pioneering institution – the first secondary University Training School in the country. CSE have been selected to provide comprehensive IT services, from installing their complete ICT network to ongoing site-based support.

As the start of term approaches things are getting very busy on site. This is one of our largest installations this year; we are providing infrastructure, devices and our education portal Magellan. Here’s an overview of what’s happened so far.

The builders are hard at work with the finishing touches, getting ready to hand the building over to the school staff. It will most certainly be an impressive place to go to school with a large central space and sweeping dual staircase.

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It is at this point that all our planning and project meetings start to bear fruit, as we work alongside the builders to get the ICT infrastructure in at the right time as part of the tight schedule.

Our cabling teams have been on site for some time doing first and second fixing on all the AV equipment including the wiring for Classroom AV, TV’s, Projection and Wireless. We have connected 52 teaching wall AV solutions throughout the building, installing 2km of cable.

Three weeks ago the pre-stage equipment was delivered to the CSE offices. This is a selection of core equipment that is set up in advance by one of our engineers, giving us a head start when we arrive on site.

The following week our technical engineers were inducted on to the site, and soon after the rest of the server room equipment arrived and configuration started.

New servers and switches were installed and the four hub rooms linked up (one on each floor and a fourth in the new VI Form building next door).

As you would expect with project of this scale there were issues to overcome, often out of our control. We discovered that the Internet connection was not ready when we needed it. Fortunately, with the school being sited on the University of Birmingham campus, their ICT team have been good enough to give us a link around their network into their feed.

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In addition to the actual installation CSE has also been busy hiring staff, to support the school and provide a full Managed Service. This means that CSE will provide the internal ICT support for the staff and students at the school on an ongoing basis, with our own staff based on site.

In the next few weeks the installation will gain speed and end user devices will be delivered and configured. Once all the services that the school will use are installed and tested the system will be complete and the Managed Service team will be ready to provide support on the school’s opening day.

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