Time to put users at the heart of your IT system?

Too often technology can become a barrier to learning. There’s no doubting the good intentions of each new app or system you put in place in your school; individually they all have great merit. But when it comes to the real world – joining multiple systems and apps together and serving them up to users using different devices in different places – the resulting user experience is often far from what was envisaged.

Magellan is an educational portal designed to overcome these issues; it brings everything together in one place and transforms the user experience, reducing user frustration and making everything work seamlessly.

Take iPads as an example. Many schools have invested in them and use them widely, but the inability to access files on the school server means they are effectively cut off. The Magellan app overcomes this, giving access to files and folders, just as if they were on a PC.

Passwords are another barrier. Many new apps and resources come with their own set of credentials to be remembered (and forgotten). Magellan solves this by providing seamless single-sign-on to anything.

Magellan is an extremely configurable platform that can be set–up to solve whatever issues your users are facing. It provides an elegant and intuitive interface and an enjoyable user experience. You’ll find some more examples below.

By integrating your apps, networks and systems with Magellan, schools are breaking down the barriers that multiple technologies can create, and are enabling their users to truly benefit from them.

Give teachers access to all of their files, from anywhere
Make your iPads truly useful
Let pupils access their resources without passwords
Automate user account creation

1. Teachers login to Magellan from home, using any device

2. This gives them one-click access to everything they need to plan their lessons

3. They can even work with files on the school’s local network

1. Equip all school iPads with the Magellan app

2. Students and teachers tap on Magellan and have access to everything, even files on the local network

3. Teachers are not frustrated now that they can use the iPads for anything

1. Pupils sign-in to Magellan using their school login credentials

2. The Magellan dashboard gives them secure access to everything, no passwords required

3. Pupils can reset their password themselves, saving time for tech support

1. Decide what resources and apps you want pupils to use

2. Magellan links seamlessly with your MIS to automatically create user accounts/span>

3. IT staff are not burdened by administration, allowing the school to adopt new technologies easily


The universal portal for education, providing simple access to local and cloud resources from any device through a single interface.

• The complete cloud and local portal
• Supports BYOD and device independence
• Anywhere, anytime access
• Supports learning and engagement
• Supports hybrid cloud computing
• IOS and Android apps available