The University of Birmingham School: Doors open on a brand new ICT system

The University of Birmingham School: doors open on a brand new ICT system

Months of planning and hard work are over and the big day has arrived! As the impressive University of Birmingham School opens its doors for the first time, an equally impressive new ICT network is ready for action.

Pupils and staff arrived ready for the new term in their brand new school this morning. And, thanks to the hard work of our team, the comprehensive ICT systems and services are all ready and waiting to be used. All servers and infrastructure are now up and running, the main Internet feed has gone live (after solving the issues we had with the ISP!) and the wireless network is installed and available across the site.

217 computers and 60 tablets have been delivered, installed and configured, and the classroom AV is ready for the first lessons. Digital Signage screens have also been set up across the school helping students and staff on their hectic first day.

In addition to getting the hardware installed, we have been training the new school staff on how to access the systems and use their devices.

Two new CSE employees have joined us to run the Managed Service for the school and provide ICT Support to the end users. The Service Desk has been set up and is ready to accept user requests and Magellan, our remote access and BYOD tool, is ready to be used by staff and students – whether on site or away from the school.

It’s been a big and complicated project, but one we’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed. Whilst today is a major milestone, it’s only the begining as we work to get all users set-up on their devices and provide ongoing support in the days, months and years to come.

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