Webinar – meet our user management experts

Webinar – Meet our user management experts

This week we’re joining up with Education Technology for a webinar called “Preparing for the September Intake – How to make managing users simple”

Topics we will cover include:

  • Identity Management – what is it, what challenges do you face and how can you handle it better?
  • Single-sign-on – what does ‘true’ SSO mean and how can it transform access to resources for users and administrators alike?
  • Auto-provisioning – what is it and why is it such a big deal for education?

If you’ve not registered yet click the link above to ensure you don’t miss out. In the meantime we thought we’d give you some more information on the experts who will be covering the topics above and answering your questions:


Stewart Priestley is the Technical Director at CSE. He has over 17 years experience in educational ICT starting in infrastructure cabling, then moving into full time network engineering specialising in Windows Server networks, Infrastructure and wireless, and solution design. Stewart is now responsible for CSE’s Engineering, Support and Managed Service departments.

Paul Oxford is Software Development Manager at CSE and has over 15 years of web and application development experience as a Software Architect. Paul is expert in Identity Management protocols like SAML, OpenID, WSFederation and has been working with Active Directory, user management and security for 20 years, developing a number of applications around this area to secure and simplfy user management.

Peter Derham has been a Software Developer at CSE for the past 8 years, working on both web and application development with a focus on C#, HTML5, CSS and XAML, and a particular interest in user interface design. Before that he was full time Network Engineer at CSE working with Active Directory, MS Exchange, HP Switches and virtual server environments.


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