What colour is the elephant in your classroom?

What colour is the elephant in your classroom?

Magellan from CSE provides schools and pupils with simple access to local and cloud IT resources from any device through a single interface. You’ve all heard the expression “there’s an elephant in the room” – a massive problem which no-one is mentioning.
Well, in schools there can be all sorts of unspoken IT problems. Here’s how to identify what colour your elephant is, find out what kind of problem you have in your school and best of all how to fix it without spending a huge amount of time or money. And if you’re thinking of a BYOD policy in school you should definitely read this before you could have an elephantine problem on your hands.


Most schools have spent a surprising amount of money on computer equipment over the years. Many schools have bought iPads for whole year groups, often years 10 and 11; some have bought them for every single child in the school. Some have bought an iPad for every teacher.

An iPad is so handy to carry about and it does feel good to whip it out in meetings, but is it really delivering educational benefits? Dare we say it? You have a white elephant.

See through?

Did your school commit to more spend on IT so that teachers and children could share files and work remotely? Are you already being asked to get Office 365? “Yes” ”You’re not convinced that the last new upgrade saved any time, and what if you spend money to fix that problem but working across the network will still drive you crazy?

Are are you feeling a bit anxious about yet more spend? In this case you might actually have an elephant in the corner. Your elephant is invisible but it is looming large.


You have a good, fit for purpose IT system. But an increasing number of staff and students are working from iPads and tablets and you wished you could work from these too.Other schools have 1 to 1 programmes which seem to engage students and enthuse teachers but you just don’t have the budget to give everyone their own kit, and you wish you could.

You are jealous. Your elephant is green.


You are always busy. Your time is precious, and you try to use it efficiently, but it drives you mad how much time you waste looking up passwords to log in and out of systems.Security is crucial with school information. Strong passwords and access systems are required to protect information and individuals. You have so many, or change them so often that you can seem to spend hours logging-in and out, or waiting to log-in across the network.  All the stress is giving you grey hairs. Or are you having senior moments already, suddenly forgetting your logins?

Your students can’t remember their logins either and you are all being driven crazy with time wasting. Your elephant is grey.


The picture on the wall is cheerful but you are often far too busy to notice it. You work in a primary school and work long hours preparing lessons and monitoring progress. Monitoring progress is important, and raw data must be entered regularly. Daily records of absenteeism and school meals are one thing, plus reading, maths and a host of other information. The pressure to ensure progress is intense, plus the constant effort to deliver outstanding lessons.

You work in a primary school, your elephant is multi coloured and called Elmer.

Solutions to your elephant colour issues.
The way to address all these elephants is through Magellan ‘the universal education portal’. It has been specially designed to solve the problems faced by people working in schools.

White – is it delivering educational value? How do I make it work in class?
If you aren’t confident to use the iPads in class, or can’t find a quick way to get everyone looking at the same page at the same time it can get in the way of learning. Magellan allows you to create and control what everyone looks at, in one central place. You can focus attention and allow the learning to happen.

Invisible – are we using the systems properly and will they work together; am I throwing good money after bad?
Most teachers have to work on several different systems, including SIMS or People Tracker, not to mention all the Office applications like Word or Excel. All of these system can carry on serving you, and all be made to work together in one easy to access place, with Magellan. It is a portal which will future proof your IT spend because it is specially designed to allow previously incompatible systems to work together and be accessible from one place, on any device. It will work with Office 365.

Green – we can’t afford to give everyone their own device; how do we achieve equality of access?
Many of your staff and students have their own, top of the range devices, and you can allow them all to use them with confidence and security if you have Magellan. They can use their own devices, while others can use the ones you supply, but all will have exactly the same content and access to resources through Magellan. It allows you to direct your budget to the areas of most need, and give everyone equal the best access to resources.

Grey – time is wasted logging in and out of system; classroom attention and time is lost finding logins and the correct information or page on the internet.
You will have a single sign on, for all your systems, and no more individual logins for SIMS, Student Tracker, 2D Design, your favourite newsfeed, interesting apps., the school network or whatever you decide to include on your Magellan portal. It is secure, safe and incredibly quick. It will add years to your life, probably.

Multicoloured – always looking for ways deliver interesting and stimulating lessons to a large class of children spanning a  wide spectrum of ability and concentration levels; often inputting performance data.
Magellan will allow you to access all your essential files in one place so that you can work from home or school, with speed and convenience, on any device your chose, including your smart phone or iPad. You will also be able to create age appropriate tiles which you can use in class to deliver new and interesting lessons in a safe way using the latest internet resources.

Are you grappling with any or all of these issues?
If so then you need Magellan!  Click here to try the demo or call CSE on 01993 88 66 88 to speak to an account manager who will be pleased to help you.

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