Why the raspberry?

Why the raspberry?


A new version of the Raspberry Pi was released this week, hailed as even smaller and cheaper than its predecessor, and many schools will be looking to this to teach computing skills from Year 4 and upwards.

Advice for schools considering investing is offered from CSE’s Technical Consultant Tony Saxby: “Obviously it’s a brilliant thing to get children comfortable and confident with computer coding as early as possible, and I’m all for anything which makes it easier and more accessible in schools. http://gizmodo.com/the-new-raspberry-pi-smaller-and-somehow-cheaper-1656737992

Tony continues:

“My word of warning would just be that some gadgets aren’t as cheap as you think, when you add all the bits you need to make something workable. The Raspberry PI has its uses,  for instance being able to use it for process control type things by virtue of its I/O capabilities, but there are other alternatives.

“A cheap £60 Android device with something like AIDE (https://plus.google.com/+Android-IDE/posts) gives a much better platform for developing applications. It will have more memory, a significantly better processor and a built in keyboard and screen. It is touch screen, a very useful skill for today’s programmers to start to learn about,  and has  various I/O systems to play with like gyroscope for tilt control, sound and so on which might be more stimulating for children who are keen to learn how to programme.”

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