Windows 10 Preview from CSE

Windows 10 Preview


MS 10 Preview was released on Oct 1st. We asked Tony Saxby, CSE’s Technical Consultant, for his views.

I’ve downloaded Windows 10 and have it running as a VM on my PC.

Behind the scenes Windows 10 is a big change although it doesn’t really snap out at you saying ‘wow this is innovative’ . Microsoft have listened to users, for example they have put the start menu back in, so when you begin it looks a lot like Windows 7 which is the version everyone loved.

The best of both worlds

Windows 10 uses tiles. It’s a marmite situation: people have a love hate relationship with menus which are tile based. I like tiles, we use them on Magellan and they are excellent, easy to use. I know they’re based on a touch screen, and on a desk top you don’t need to use them, but tiles are easy to move around and easy for people to use. What Microsoft has done is bring the best of the mouse driven world and the best of the tablet world together. Previously it was designed very much either as touch/tablet interface, with a mouse interface as an after thought, which was really the wrong way round, or a mouse interface.

 Looking good

Microsoft has gone to town on the underlying issues and users needs, and really differentiated Windows 10. It is a very new approach. From an innovation point of view, Microsoft’s strategy was to create a mobile phone version of a windows user interface. Previously they had three different systems but what Windows 10 does is to make the user interface the same across the three platforms: mobile phone, tablet and PC and it really is pretty good; everything in their app store will be found across all applications. It looks good so far. It’s not out until next year, but I’m going to join the other online reviews now and say it looks like Microsoft have got it right.

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