Workload Challenge: using Magellan to save time and reduce stress


Nicky Morgan, Secretary of  State for Education, invited feedback as part of the Workload Challenge.

Here’s what CSE had to say:

Dear Nicky

We’ve worked in the education sector for nearly twenty years and seen the use of technology explode since then, both the time and the cost. Technology can be a great force for good in schools, it can save teachers time and help to deliver outstanding learning.

But it can drive teachers mad, be a source of frustration; wasting their time and draining the school resources.

We believe that there are simple steps which could be taken to save front line teachers and leadership staff significant amounts of time as part of your Workload Challenge.

Here are our suggestions:

  • Cut out the time required to log in and out of different systems, making admin tasks quicker.
  • Ensure teachers can access schools files from home quickly, cutting out time wasted with slow remote access systems or driving to school to access the school network.
  • Allow teachers to be able to check files and work using their smart phones with one smooth app to connect.
  • Cut out the time needed to print different exams or test papers for every child, reducing admin time.
  • Cut out the need to lay out exam halls, reducing logistics time.
  • Only introduce new software for teachers which is so intuitive it doesn’t require long training sessions to learn, saving time.
  • Only introduce a new system in school if it is easy to use, because stress through change overload slows down all other activities.

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